Philips Phillips Tongue brush head 2 pcs set White HX807201 Replacement brush for household appliances Sonnya

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The "Philips Tongue Brush Head 2-Piece White HX807201" is an RFID-compatible brush head that is self-contained and can be easily attached to the Sonicare handle. The microchip built into the brush head works with the handle to automatically set the appropriate mode and strength. We will also inform you when to replace the brush head (only available for Diamond Clean Smart). More than 200 micro irregularities remove Stain, which causes bad breath, and lead to a refreshing breath. You can get a refreshing feeling by using mouthwash together.


Category Household appliances
Material ・ Item Replacement brush for Sonicare
Product brandPHILIPS (Philips)
Internal capacityTwo
Country of originAmerica


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