Philips Philips clean care fresh green HX329332 household appliances electric toothbrush (sound wave)

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"Philips Clean Care Fresh Green HX329332" is an electric toothbrush that generates sonic water flow with high-speed vibration of 31,000 times per minute and a wide amplitude, and firmly removes tooth gaps and plaque on the back teeth. An electric toothbrush with a single button for easy operation and gentle vibration.


Category Household appliances
Material ・ Item Electric toothbrush (sound wave)
Product brandPHILIPS (Philips)
Set contentProresults Platk Defense 1 brush head, charger
Product SpecificationsRated voltage: AC 100-240 V (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption: Charger 0.4-1.4W (during charging)
Brush vibration: 31000 Straw k / min
Mounted brushing mode: Clean (friendly vibration design)
Charging time (): 48 hours
Usage time (approximate): After full charge, normal use (brushing for 2 minutes twice a day) for 10 days
Body (): (width) 34x (depth) 34x (height) 233mm
Body weight: 149 g handle + brush head
Country of originChina


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