Kenko Tokina Kenko Hasegawa Aluminum Stepladder White IS-30W DIY Garden Stepladder Stepladder

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"Kenko Hasegawa Aluminum Steps White IS-30W" is an Aluminum step "Imaging Step" for photography and video shooting.
● Although it is lightweight at 1.3 kg, it has a height of 30 cm and a load capacity of 100 kg.
● Because it is a step on the top plate, you can sit down.
● Manufacturing is a manufacturer of footsteps and steps "Hasegawa Kogyo".
● You can easily reach to things that can not normally be reached other than shooting.


Category DIY garden
Material ・ Item Footsteps and steps
Product SpecificationsTop plate Height: 30 cm
Weight: 1.3 kg
Overall width: 38 cm
Depth: 31 cm
Total length: 33 cm
Width: 38 cm
Depth: 18 cm
Contact informationKenko Tokina
TEL 0120-775-818


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