Kenko Tokina Kenko Dry Fresh DF-BW301 Sheet Type Daily Necessities Desiccant

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"Kenko Dry Fresh DF-BW301 Sheet Type" protects important cameras, lenses, memory cards, etc. from mold, moisture, alteration, and Discolors.
● Use type B silica gel (persistent silica gel).
● In addition to long-lasting moisture absorption, it also excels in deodorizing effects.
● The heat absorption is good when the black side of the sheet is exposed to sunlight during sun drying, and the reproduction speed is increased.
● Please use it in the camera bag or storage place.
● By drying in the sun, it releases the adsorbed water and can be regenerated.
● The playback speed will be faster if the black side of the sheet is exposed to sunlight during sun drying.
● If the white side of the sheet turns yellowish, it is time to replace it.
● Estimated usage is 1 sheet per 12 liter space.


Category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Desiccant
Product SpecificationsZ: 120x255mm
Contents: 30g x 1 piece
Material: B type silica gel
Non-woven: (front) black non-woven, (back) white non-woven
Contact informationKenko Tokina
TEL 0120-775-818


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