St. Chardin My Aroma for Car R Lemongrass 5ml Daily Necessities Deodorant & Air Freshener For Car

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“Chardan My Aroma for Car R Lemongrass 5ml” is air-conditioned and has a natural scent.
-Botanical flavored perfume * formulated with the scent of the plant. * A perfume made from only the perfume and plant essential oil that reproduces the ingredients present in the plant.
-It is a simple form that fits the interior of the car.


Category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Deodorant and air freshener for car
Product brandChardin
Internal capacity5ml
How to usePlease be sure to read the following "Usage" and "Precautions" before use. In addition, please set all 1-4 in an upright state. If liquid gets on it, it may cause stains, deformation, and discolors.
1. Be sure to slide the clip firmly from the bottom to the top first.
・ For Length louver ... Slide to the top of the neck ring
・ For vertical louvers, set to Length
2. Remove the outer cap and discard the inner cap.
3. Firmly tighten the outer cap so as not to loosen.
Do not use up to Length or upside down.
4. Secure to louver with clip.
※ Make sure that it does not come off easily to prevent an accident.
Do not tilt more than 45 degrees to prevent spills.

Period of use: It lasts for 1-2 months by using the air conditioner for 2-3 hours a day under 25 degrees environment.
(It varies according to the temperature inside the car and how it is used. When used in places where the temperature inside the car becomes high, such as parking under the summer sun, or where it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, the usage period may be extremely short.
※ We will return when the liquid is lost.
※ This product is designed to operate the air conditioner to smell.
※ The prescribed liquid volume is about one third of the bottle, but it is for a specification that is unlikely to spill even if it falls over.
Please note● Fix it at a position that does not hinder driving even if it falls off.
● There is a risk that the louver can not be operated if this product is installed.
● Auto-swing air conditioner car is used with the swing stopped.
● If the contents are spilled, if they get on the sheet, resin, or painted parts, they may cause stains, deformation, discolors, etc., so wipe them off immediately with a cloth.
● Do not use other than the purpose.
【Warning General Caution】
Do not drink: Do not drink because it is harmful to the human body.
● Be careful if you touch the skin, as it may get caught.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● Do not use near fire because it is flammable.
【First aid】
● Get medical attention immediately if you drink.
● In case of accidental eye contact or skin contact, immediately rinse with running water for at least 15 minutes, and if there are any abnormalities, consult a physician.
● If you feel sick during use, stop using it immediately, if you do not feel well, seek medical attention.
* Because it contains natural ingredients, the liquid may become turbid or discolored, but there is no problem in terms of performance.
Beware of accidental drinking
No fires
Keep this board for the period of use.
ComponentAroma, natural aroma oil, solvent
Country of originMADE IN JAPAN
Contact informationST customer consultation room
TEL 0120-145-230

Manufacturer and distributor
ST Corporation


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