AKANE Animal Lactic Acid Bacteria 45 pcs Pet Supplies Lactic Acid Bacteria / Natto Fungus (For Dogs)

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“AKANE 45 Lactic Acid Bacteria for Animal Use” is a BRM lactic acid bacteria food for pets that contains a large amount of lactic acid bacteria EF-2001.
-To be a member of the family, such as dogs, cats.
● Contains 300 billion lactic acid cocci per bottle.
There is almost no taste so as not to impair the taste of the food ●.
● Granulated to be sprinkled on any meal.
● Domestic production in Japan


Category Pet Supplies
Material ・ Item Lactic acid bacteria, Bacillus natto (for dogs)
Internal capacity45 bottles
How to use● Please put it on your palm and let it be eaten as sweets.
● If it gets worse, please mix it in water.
[The amount of indication for one day to weight]
Up to 5 kg ... 1 bottle
Up to 10 kg ... 2 bottles
Up to 15 kg ... 3 bottles
※ 1/5 of the weight will be a standard amount.
Please note● Do not use this product outside the application.
● It is packaged in small pieces one by one so that it can be eaten safely and hygienically.
● There is a child who takes time to get used to the gastrointestinal tract.
Please keep out of reach of small children ●.
Preservation methodStore in a cool place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.● Ingredients: water-soluble dietary fiber, fructooligosaccharides, lactic acid cocci (EF-2001 dead bacteria)
● Nutritional ingredients: 1% or more of crude protein, 0% or more of crude fat, 82% or less of crude fiber, 4% or less of moisture
Country of originJapan
Contact informationVendor
Orient Impressions Co., Ltd.
2-3-3 Hirano Building 2-34 Nihonbashihamacho Chuo Ward Tokyo
TEL 03-6661-9238


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