Fujiwara Sangyo SK11 licked hex socket screw removal bit SID-1050H 1 piece DIY · Garden bit

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The “SK11-tipped hex socket screw removal bit SID-1050H 1 set” is a bit that can be used to turn a hex socket head bolt.
● Applications: Removal of screw that has been rounded and rounded.
● Tighten into the bolt with special blade shape and turn it.


Category DIY garden
Material ・ Item Bit
Product brandSK11
Internal capacity1 piece
Please note-Do not use in places where material that is screwed by hammer strikes may be damaged or deformed-
・ Please do not use for the one with electricity.
・ Use the one with the correct screw.
・ Wear protective glasses and protective gear when working.
-Please do not use for purposes other than the original purpose.
Product Specifications・ Correspondence: Hexagon opposite side 5mm
Country of originTaiwan
Contact informationFujiwara Sangyo Co., Ltd. 0794-86-8200


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