Yokku Yokkushon G Support Pink 1 piece daily necessities Travel cushions / air cushions

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"Yokshon G Support Pink 1-Pack" is the ideal cushion which made air science.
● The function of the large hall in the center and the four small halls around the body disperses body pressure.
● Measures for bedsores and when sleeping for a long time.
● Easy cushioning by air, enough for heavy people.
● Yokshon G Support always sends fresh air through large and small holes and grooves to prevent stuffiness.
● The large hall in the center prevents the part you want to protect from directly touching the floor.
● Smooth texture with soft material.
● Suitable for backrest.
● For long hours of driving, immediately after childbirth, for hemorrhoids, for long desk work, for bedsores, etc.


Category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Travel cushion · Air cushion
Internal capacity1 piece
Please note・ After injecting air, insert the stopper firmly and push it firmly into the main unit. When bleeding air, remove the air by grasping the base of the injection part with your finger.
・ Because this product is made as a cushion for hips, it is not a safety tool.
・ Please note that using this product in a wet state may stain your clothes.
・ The appropriate amount of air is such that wrinkles remain on the outer periphery (70-80%).
・ Do not put foreign matter other than air in the stopper.
・ Take care when handling small homes, as they may lead to unexpected accidents.
・ This product is not intended to be used on water, so do not use it as a floating or life-saving device.
・ Abrupt shock (pressure) may cause rupture.
・ If this product is Stain, wipe it off with a cloth moistened with water, dry it in the shade, and dry it well before use.
-When disposing, follow the disposal classification of each local government.
Product SpecificationsWhen using ... Length 38cm * Length 40cm * Thickness 6cm
* Depends on the air injection volume.
MaterialMain body, air valve: polyvinyl chloride
Country of originJapan (Manufacturing)
Contact informationYock
1-2-14 Uchihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


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