Sagami Rubber Industry iotecto strong deodorant bag for going out 10 sheets baby & kids diapers processing bag

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"Iotect Powerful Deodorant Bag for Outing 10 Sheets" is a new type of deodorant bag that obtains a deodorant effect by blending Metal ions into a film and causing a redox reaction with odorous components.
● Long-lasting deodorant effect. Innumerable Metal ions containing Firminy realize a long-term deodorant effect.


Category Baby & Kids
Material ・ Item Disposable diaper processing bag
Internal capacity10 pieces of packs
How to use(1)使用済みの紙おむつを小さくたたんで消臭袋に入れます。
Please note・ Please do not place by the fire.
・ Please note that if you insert something with protrusions, it may peel due to the material.
Product Specifications・色・・・ピンク(半透明)
・ Bags ・ ・ ・ Length 350x Length150x Thickness 0.03 (mm)
Contact informationSagami Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
243-0002 Motomachi, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture


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