Petio Petio Boro-chan 140g Pet Supplies Boro (for dogs)

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“Petio Bolo-Chan 140 g” is a borro (for dogs) that contains three ingredients. Considering the health of your dog, it contains calcium, oligosaccharides and green tea polyphenols. Because it melts in the mouth in the mouth, it is safe for the dog and the senior dog. Contains natural plant deodorant extract.


Category Pet Supplies
Material ・ Item Boro (for dogs)
Product brandPetio
Internal capacity140g
How to give* Please give the following amount divided into 1-2 times a day according to your dog's health condition, age and exercise amount.
Dog sizebody weightDaily salary amount
Young dog(From 3 months old)Within 13 grains
Small dogUp to 5 kgWithin 25 grains
Small dog5-10kgWithin 35 grains
Medium-sized dog10-20kgWithin 50 grains
Large dog20-35kgWithin 70 grains
Super large dog35kg or moreWithin 70 grains
Please note● This product is for dogs, while eating between. Please do not give as a staple food.
● Depending on how you eat your dog and your habits, you may get stuck in the throat. Please be sure to give it while observing.
● Please follow the amount of giving and how to save it.
● When a child gives a pet, adults should be present.
● Please keep in places where children, children and pets do not touch.
Guide● Please consult your veterinarian when your dog's physical condition has changed, such as indigestion.
● Due to the manufacturing process, there are some variations in the color, shape, and scratches, but there is no problem with the quality.
Preservation method● Please save to avoid direct sunlight · hot and humid place.
● After opening, be sure to seal and save, and give as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.
Country of originJapan


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