Two-Tone Two-Tone First time chopsticks for left hand Orange (OR) 1 set Baby & Kids Training chopsticks

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"Two-Tone First Dish Wooden Chopsticks Left Hand Orange (OR) 1 Set" is the first dish that children enjoy eating for the first time.
"Yaruki" grows up naturally as it can be grasped immediately.
It has a shape that can be eaten naturally.
It uses the natural materials of Noto Hinoki cypress.
It is equipped with "Oshishi Assist" to enable opening and closing of the seaweed.
With the built-in spring, you can naturally return to the correct position after grabbing, and simply press on the upper bowl and you can easily grab it.
"Can do" continues, so you can use it fun.
Target age: around 2 years old-
A dishwasher can be used.

(3 points can be used immediately)
(1) Easy ring
Just put your finger in the right position. As it is ring type, how to use is understood immediately.
(2) Thumb support
The unique shape that fits firmly to the base of the thumb allows the lower eyelid to be held steady and firm.
(3) Name Zara the place to go
We pursued the ease of grasping by the double processing with the steps of "Nanami" and the painting of "Glittering".

[3 steps long]
(1) Simple ring + chopstick assist
In the correct position by putting your finger in the ring. Support the opening and closing by the force of the spring.
(2) Rice ball assist
After learning the correct position, remove the "Easy Ring" and practice putting the ring finger on the lower arm.
(3) Two chopsticks
When you can support the lower chopsticks with the length of the ring finger, practice with just the chopsticks.


Category Baby & Kids
Material ・ Item Training chopsticks
Product brandTwo-Tone 
Internal capacityOne boat
Country of originJapan
Contact informationTwo-Tone Co., Ltd.
Saitama Prefecture Iwate-ku Iwate-ku Tsunaue 271
Reception hours: 9: 30-17: 00
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